Group critical illness cover

Financial and practical help for employees diagnosed with a critical illness that they’re covered for. When a claim is accepted, we’ll pay out a tax-free lump sum, providing much needed financial reassurance. For employees we’re covering, we’ll cover their eligible children as standard too.

Group critical illness cover explained

Group critical illness cover explained video

Reasons to buy critical illness cover

duty of care icon

Supports your duty of care

From day one, your employees have access to wellbeing services designed to keep them engaged and productive.

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Reassurance for your employees

A financial payout can help reduce the stress and anxiety associated with serious illnesses, allowing your employees to focus on their health.

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Helps attract and retain great employees

Stand out from the crowd by showing that you take your employees’ wellbeing seriously.

For policies of three employees or more

Who can be insured?
  • All employees, or those that fit your predefined eligibility definitions, between the ages of 16 and 70 can be covered. Once covered, the employee’s children from birth to age 21 are also automatically included in the cover.
  • You can choose different benefit levels for defined groups of employees.
How much can they be insured for?
  • Up to £500,000, or five times earnings, whichever is lower for employees.
  • Up to 25% of the insured employee’s cover or £20,000, whichever is lower for eligible children.
  • Up to £250,000 for spouses and registered civil partners.
What conditions are covered?

Choose from core cover or core with additional cover.

Core cover – 14 conditions including cancer, heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and motor neurone disease.

Additional cover – an extra 26 conditions, covering 40 conditions in total including blindness, deafness, HIV, paralysis, respiratory failure and traumatic head injury.

Children are covered for the same conditions as the employee we’re covering. Plus, we also provide an additional 6 child-only core conditions.

A full list of all the conditions covered can be found in our cover guide (250kb pdf).

Pre-existing and related conditions are excluded.

Our technical guide (1.3mb pdf) can help provide more details about the cover, the options, the exclusions and how claims are assessed.

Wellbeing support

Keep employees well with active wellbeing management through our comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme. Expert medical, practical and emotional support to help employees manage their illness is also available.

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Make a claim

Get in touch about a claim as soon as possible, so we can offer support to employees straightaway. We can help them source the support they need and smooth the payment process.

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