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Communication needn’t be complex. At the same time, there isn’t a ‘plug in and play’ solution. We’ve created a communication toolkit to help employers communicate the benefit and wellbeing programme more effectively, enabling them to get the best value and engagement with the employee benefits

Busting employee communication myths

Suzanne Clarkson, Managing Director of Coach House Communications busts five employee communication myths that can affect business profitability, employee engagement with benefits and the overall wellbeing of employees.



What is employee engagement and why does it matter?

Employee engagement is about creating an environment, with the right conditions for employees to give their
best each day, where they feel committed to the organisation and motivated to contribute towards its success.
It’s based on trust, integrity, two way commitment and good communication between an organisation and its


Businesses with better employee engagement have:

Case study: Using effective employee communication to improve employee engagement

Purchase Journey video

Our HR Director of Legal & General Insurance, Claire Parker, talks about how we keep our employees engaged, and how we’re using effective communication to improve our employee’s awareness of the benefits and wellbeing services available to them.

On-demand webinar: Engagement and communication: Bringing wellbeing and benefits to life

Catch up on our latest webinar in partnership with HRD Connect.

Our Distribution Director, Colin Fitzgerald and a panel of experts had an interesting discussion about how effective communication can bring wellbeing and benefits to life for employees.


Group Critical Illness Cover - Added Service Benefit Enhancements webinar video

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